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The website www.icelandicphotography.is offers informations regarding photography in Iceland. Where can you find the next photography shop if you forgot somthing at home, how is the weather, what to wear when going on a Northern Light tour and so on.  This is also að booking website with a wide selection of tours from fully qualified licensed tour operators and travel agencies in Iceland.

We have just been born into this world that is this business.  It’s maybe the best time now to make some warm and kind introduction because we want to know you better and give insight intoour business. We are Óli and Kata. Most describe us as a creative and down to earth because we are not very alike, and our friends agree, but they might also say we can be stubborn sometimes too!  When we are not getting some ideas for our businesses, we are probably walking our dog in our beautiful Iceland or having a nice and sweet time with our friends and family probably eating something amazing or playing cards We look forward to getting to know you more.

We are not photographer´s  but we love to take photos and introduce our country to everyone we can. The purpose of our business is precisely that to create a place for photographers where they can find anything they need to know about photography in Iceland

Óli og Kata

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