Glaciers, ice caves and black beaches

Iceland is one of the best photography location in the world. It is almost impossible to find a couple of amazing and unique features all in one area like is the case with this island. The island is accessible all year round making it favorable to many tourists and photographers. Iceland’s waterfalls, northern lights, sand beaches, and nature, make the country irresistible for photography.


Amazing glaciers

A good portion of Iceland is covered with glaciers, especially in the southern and central areas of the island. Glaciers provide a breathtaking landscape beauty and make the sky look cloudy. The scene covered with glaciers makes the island have good contrast for photography.


Ice Caves

Meltwater flows underground forcefully creating ice caves. The ice caves are beautiful and a natural phenomenon you cannot resist to admire. When sunlight rays hit the ice caves, they produce a beautiful blue tint adding a visual appeal to the ice caves. After the winter season, there are numerous ice caves on the island.


Black Sandy beaches

Iceland has extensive black sandy beaches along the sea. It is an excellent place for a photo shoot, especially during the summer. The sandy beaches provide a superb background for your photos. Additionally, if the photographer can be able to capture the sandy beach together with the sea, the picture will be amazing.

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